This tapestry is an original design created by Tapisseries de la Mere, a weaving facility in Pondicherry, featuring the collaborative efforts of international artists and Indian artists working with hand-weavers from the local Tamil population.

[Tapeçaria3][Tapeçaria19] The weaving technique used to create this tapestry is actually European in origin, having been introduced to India earlier in this century by a German woman who came to live and pursue her weaving craft in Pondicherry. The technique was readily absorbed by the local weavers, and now Pondicherry has become the leading center in India for this style of weaving. The technique, called split-weave, allows for the depiction of very fine detail in any shape.
  [Tapeçaria4][Tapeçaria1] This tapestry is composed of 100% wool from the northern state of Punjab in India. The wool is treated for mothproofing. Some of the wool is purchased pre-dyed in basic colors, while many more of the lively and vibrant colours are created at the dyeing unit which is part of Tapisseries de la Mere. We use the best dyes to ensure uniformity and color-fastness, so you can dry-clean your tapestry with no worry of colors running or fading.

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