The Ceramics of Cascais were re-created by Luís Soares at the end of the '70s, with a personal style of modern appearance, based on decorative techniques already used in prehistoric local pottery. The cut of the drawing on the glaze of the pieces is similar to the technique used by local potters 4000 years ago, when decorating the rough clay of their vases' walls with a stiletto. [A]
[A] The present artistic drawing used by Ceramicarte is free style, inspired by the sea animal and plant life that washes the region's beaches and crags. Fishes are the lords of the themes and, as sketches and paintings are handmade, not a single one is equal to another.
The quality of clays and glaze, combined with high baking temperatures, give the ceramics of Cascais a fine finishing of excellent quality.

Guilherme Cardoso


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